Steel Tube with Bubble

Steel tubes, with multi-axial bending and induction soldering. At one ending, stopper with thread, at the center, supporting bracket with induction soldering and, at the other end, bubble. Thanks to the recent investments in its production technologies, GAMM can solder these components in the traditional way, using acetylene gas and brass alloy, or with induction soldering, a technology that offers many advantage because it's clean, efficient and repeatable. The steel (or iron) tubes are then washed and zinc coated to guarantee maximum corrosion resistance as they will be used in the automotive sector, in particular, for power steering systems of cars and vans of both Italian and international brands. Given the delicate purpose, these components are inspected with certified equipment and procedures. The diameter in the pictures is 10mm, but it's possible to work steel tubes with diameters between 8 to 16mm.

Steel and iron
Stopper plus bubble


Bubble detail
Stopper detail
Automotive sector

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